I'm Gabriel Agu,
Lead Designer at Booking.com, in Amsterdam.

I enjoy designing digital products that help people and businesses, using qualitative and quantitative evidence to make decisions, and supporting the growth of other designers.

In 2012, I moved from Romania to the Netherlands to join Booking.com. Over the years, I learned a lot about conversion optimization, A/B testing, personalization, iconography, design systems and helping the design team at Booking grow from 20 to 250+ designers. I have always enjoyed at Booking the global impact, working in a highly diverse company, and constant change that brings new challenges.

Outside work, I have read almost every grimdark fantasy novel in existence, often complain about plot holes in TV shows and movies, and am constantly redecorating various areas of my house and garden.

Anagnosi Grimoire

The penultimate list of mostly grimdark fantasy series, for anyone interested in this genre. Makes it easier for me to keep track of them, and recommend the best ones.

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